Sound Modules for DCC

grchud <chudgr@...>

I too am in S Gauge and would like to find more variations in the
sounds produced. I am specifically interested in sounds produced by
NYC steam and diesel locomotives. I have talked to Soundtraxx in the
past and they don't seem interested in sounds, other than those of
western and narrow gauge roads.
Some years back, a gentleman by the name of Keller produced an
early analog, DCC type system, where by dip switches could be
selected to duplicate the various steam whistle and diesel horn
sounds of Leslie, Nathan, or Wabco. It would be a quantum leap
forward in sound generation if this were possible in your current
sound systems.
Also, the S community could use a decoder in the 2.5 to 3 amp range.

Thanks for any response to this inquiry.
Gary Chudzinski