Revolution-U 7000 sound files

Alex Stanojevic


I am interested in 7000 Revolution files. Somehow my last file update on Revolution-U decoder ended up in crush at the very beginning of file downloading. I sent the decoder to Kelly for repair. One of the possible reasons for program crushing may be file incompatibility. 

Were you able to save those 7000 files? Are they reachable for download? When I checked Josh’s site, those files were not visible. 



On Dec 20, 2021, at 10:41, Greg Elmassian <greg@...> wrote:

One thing that is helpful, be sure to specify which hardware you have when asking for a file... My mind automatically goes to the LS Titan and LS Revolution.

So, you want HO Revolution
small steam?

by the way, you see the "7000" number?

From my site:

  • 4000 Quantum 2, Large Scale - Revolution
  • 6000 Quantum 2, HO scale - Revolution
  • Titan A  HO drop-in (don't know number)
  • 7000 Quantum 2, FX-U - HO Titan, also called Titan-U
  • 7002 Quantum 2, FX-SD - Titan? what size?
  • 7021 Quantum 2, FX-DO - O scale Titan - also called Titan-DO
  • 7022 Quantum 2, Large Scale Titan
This is why I have been adding the hardware number to the file name. So do you have the file number for this?

I have some files, but I think the steam files are all 3000 numbers, I only have diesels ( 1000 ) and a 5000 (turbine).


Greg Elmassian

The model 7000 is a titan, not a revolution.

Just to be sure, you have the 7000 hardware, Titan-U or Titan-U/W as shown below: