QSI Silabs Installation



I have had success in installing the Silabs driver for the QSI programmer with the most recent Windows 10 OS. It took both the information provided in the original QSI Documentation found on whats left of the QSI Solutions Website and a YouTube video suggested by a good customer of mine.

Using a combination of the information from both of these sites, I was able to get the Quantum CV Manager and the Quantum Upgrade programs to run. Thanks to all who assisted in this frustrating endeavor.

Tim Maslyn
Integrated Signal Systems.


Thanks for that Tim.  Have a new lap/tablet running 10 and it simply doesn't respond properly to SiLabs.
Chris Rooney

Alex Stanojevic

Hi to all,
I just had my Silab driver re-installed under Win 10 2004 build. I run Acer Veriton PC. All QSI applications are functioning properly.


Tom K.

Thanks a million Tim!  I've been using the Shedaker documentation the last few years when ever Windows goes through a major update. My computer once again went through the update and this time it wouldn't let me continue with the Silabs install.  I was scratching my head until I read your post and watched the YouTube video. Sweet victory!