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POLL QUESTION: If available, would you
purchase/utilize dual function (i.e.,
combining sound and operation
decoders which were "after market end
user re-programmable/upgradeable" as
to available sound
functions/selections? In order to
achieve this, the sound decoder
manufacturer would provide/maintain a
large, diverse on-line "sound library"
from which registered end user
subscribers could download specific
sounds to upload into their dual
function decoders and thus customize
said function decoders for specific
locos, background sounds, etc. Said
decoders would have to be "easily
programmable/uploadable" and thus
should not require disassembly of the
loco, etc. in order to re-
program/upgrade the decoder sounds.
Such decoders could provide a highly
diverse sound resource for the end
user while greatly simplifying
(assuming that the technical issues
can be easily dealt with) the need for
decoder manufacturers to provide an
endless stream of pre-programmed
decoders for a highly diverse end user

- Yes, I would utilize "after market" end user re-programmable/upgrade dual function decoders., 80 votes, 100.00%
- No, I would not be interested., 0 votes, 0.00%

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