Lionel Turbine


Hi. I have the Lionel Turbine. My primary complaint is the too
wide hood non-scale hood (as in early Athearn's). Of course it
doesn't compare to an Overland turbine... Otherwise, I am quite
happy with it. I did have to bend the front truck bolster to adjust
the coupler / front assembly height. As to the Lionel manual... I
was baffled. I got nowhere using their instructions to program a
long address. I had to 'hard' reset the engine. Finally, I ignored
Lionel's instructions and just directly entered a 4 digit address
into CV17. Lo and behold, the engine responded verbally with the
correct address! So it is up and running. I like the effects, even
if the Baby and Veranda turbines didn't have the extra lights on the

I attempted to locate a more comprehensive manual on Lionel's and
QSI's website. No luck. I then looked on Broadway Limited's site,
and they have a .pdf document available. Thanks Broadway Limited!
(Why isn't there one on QSI's site? !!!!)

I use NCE, which currently only supports functions 0 thru 8. I
remapped CV42 (function 8) to the 'cruise control / shutdown'
(function 9). All in all, QSI's implementation is awesome!

*** When will QSI sell to modelers? ***

/s/ Barry Chinn