Introducing the QSIndustries (QSI) Yahoo Group

Pat Quinn <quinn1947@...>

I am Pat Quinn. I am co-founder and co-owner of QSIndustries, Inc. -
aka QSI ® in the model railroad industry. I want to welcome the model
railroad community to this group. This group can serve as a great
place to discuss how to get the most out of QSI products. It will
also create a reliable link to the owners of QSI. We are always
interested in how to do a better job in creating and delivering
innovations to our hobby.

QSI is currently unfolding the introduction of our Quantum ™ Sound
and Control System. This is an OEM product that is just beginning to
show up in most of the leading HO train manufacturers' engines. QSI
also makes a line of products for the 3-rail community as well as a
trackside sound system marketed as MaxxTraxx ™. QSI also produces a
line of environmental soundscape products called SoundBloxx ™, and an
after-market sound system called QS3000 ™. Many products are
available though Walthers, your local dealers, or factory direct (503-
350-0595). The company website is

I want to thank you for joining this discussion group and especially
for the support you have given to our products. We at QSI look
forward to doing the best we can. I encourage you to try to resolve
as many issues as you can among yourselves. This will further
strengthen the already-strong bond within this community. I will be
on hand to get involved when it appears necessary. I am always
listening. Thanks again, and Happy Railroading!


Pat Quinn