Disabled decoder features

geostant <gms02@...>

Hello, Pat. I would like to add my thanks for starting this group. I
have just received a new 2-8-2 from Broadway. I have been following
the MTH issue on other sites, and note that the Regulated Throttle
Control and Speed Control features have been disabled.

If and when the MTH issue has been resolved, how are we users going
to get the disabled features activated? As a long time steam user
with SoundTraxx decoders, I feel that (specifically) the Regulated
Throttle Control would give me a much more prototypically accurate
sound, as well as help me during the times that I use my engines as
helpers or in consists. I ordered the engine (very long lead time)
before I became aware that these features would be disabled (I
understand the reasoning). But I will be reluctant to order any
further engines until I have a better feel on how/if I will be able
to activate same whenever it becomes possilbe. That said, someone
could tell me to just not order the engine at this time. But my
concern is that due to the popularity of the engines, they are
frequently sold out soon after they are released. The unlettered
Madado that I just received last week is now completely out of stock
at the rather large dealer that I normally trade with.

Any advice you can give me that would give me some degree of
confidence that I will, in fact, be able to activate RTC and/or SC at
some future time will be greatly appreciated.

George Stant