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ron wright

have several atlas gold locos with the qsi sound installed. I want to add ditchlights, but have been unable to figure out light output programming. Is jmri the way to go that would be easier? Having trouble finding the steps to program using my dcc system. Also is it just possible that the decoder doesn't have these outputs? I like the sound and features so I don't want to replace the decoder. They are atlas gp38's.


Ron w


Hi Ron,

  What version of QSI decoder?  CV 7 = ?    CV 8 = ?

  Can you send pics of the decoder?   Place them in the "Photos" section (above).   Perhaps someone can help once they see the actual decoder.

Good luck,

ron wright

Just added a photo. Not sure how to read back CV values


Didn't see the photo. It must be uploaded to the photo storage section of the QSI group.

To read back the CV's I strongly suggest you download a copy of the Quantum DCC Ref Manual 5.2.0. It can be found at The answer to your question is on pages 404 to 406. There is also a lot of other information on this site. You can also get the manual at

If I remember correctly, you are inquiring about a QSI decoder factory installed in a Walthers model. Check this photo to see if it is the one. 6th one down on the right side.


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Just added a photo. Not sure how to read back CV values Thanks, Ron

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ron wright

Think it is the top photo on the left when I click on the photo link. Thanks for the help. I've been reading through the manual. Lots of info to take in.

kelly dorf


I finally got pointed in the right direction and can see the photo. It has the newer ASIC on board, so Its probably a Q2 or Q2-FX.  Some where on the board, in the white silkscreen should be a number that starts with 050.
That number will tell me exactly what schematic and layout to look at.