Obtaining horn type from a Milwaukee Road Proto F7 69C, Quantum Software


Is there a way to retrieve the horn type, i.e. value of CV55.1.1?  When I try to retrieve CV 55, using my NCE  Pro-Cab, I get a message, "cannot access the information", or words to that effect.



Don't forget that many of the CV's on  a QSI decoder are offset and you must enter and write the CV that gives you access to the offset CV...

It's been too long since I've done that directly, I'm using either the QSI programmer or JMRI...

The best help I can be a the moment is ask you to search on... setting qsi decoder offsets

That returns a lot of documents.

Let's see if anyone else checks with a "just do this..."

Jim Albanowski

Dave Robinson

I don't know NCE, but assuming you can do programming-on-the-main, set CV49=1, CV50=1, CV64=55.
The decoder's audio-readback will speak the value to you.

Dave in Edmonton, Canada


I'll try that.  Thanks, Dave.