Moving Time

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

Greetings fellow members;

I have started the move to <>.

DO NOT join the new group.  Wait for the transfer.  If your addy fails I will send you an invite.

Any who have promised or want to contribute to the cost please send money to paypal address <tc2 at dapenguin dot net>.  Mark it as personal and put QSI in the notes.

Thank You,

TC Carr

Mover and Shaker

I will rock your list:)


Wow TC, looks like the transfer completed already?  That was fast!
The group I'm transferring is still queued up behind 511 other groups. Did you pay the extra $200 to expedite the transfer?


Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

No extra 200$ but is done.  I have 2 other groups at the 500+ place in the line.  It is going quick as this group was # 80+ this morning.


Well done TC and thanks!

Best regards,


You must be lucky TC!  The group I'm migrating is still 493rd in the queue (and in a day and half only moved down from 511 to 493).  :-(