technical question about USB ports and CV manager

adam starr

I use a tablet for CV manager and it works fine even with windows 10.  But the tablet only has one usb port. 

 I bought a remote 4 port Hub.  So it plugs into my one USB port on my tablet and now I have 4 USB ports I can use.  I have my NCE system pluged into one port and a remote wireless mouse in another and it seems to wok OK .  It took it a while to make the initial connection when I opened a file,,,but that happens sometime even when the NCE is plugged directly into the tablet.  otherwsie seemed to work OK.

 I plan to use another port for a flash drive which I use as a back up for the CV manager files I have stored on the tablet hard drive...but haven't tried that yet. 

 the 4 port hub that I bought from Best Buy is listed as a USB 2.0 with 480 MBPS, which I have since learned means each port has 120.  I have learned a little since the purchase and I am wondering if I should have gotten something bigger than 480, since I am reading that 120 perport may slow down data transfer.  This is way past my level of computer knowledge.

Many thanks, Adam