Loco reset

Varlei Guimarães Novaes

Help. How to reset the Atlasrr HO H15-44 diesel locomotive. Thank you.vgnovaes@...


Hi Variel,

  It's funny, your message  didn't show up on my computer until today.   The reset is different for different decoder manufacturers.   You can find out the manufacturer by finding the value of CV 8 on the programming track.

  If the decoder is QSI you can find the value by doing a query. Programming on the Main set CV 64 = 8.  If the decoder 'speaks' it's QSI version 7 or above.   If the decoder says CV 8 = 1 1 3  it's QSI version 7 or above.   If the decoder doesn't speak, but you know it's a QSI decoder, check for dirt on the wheels and track.

The QSI decoders can be reset to factory default by Programming on the Main or on the programming track.   Note that when the decoder has reset the new address (the only address the decoder will respond to until programmed again) will be short address 3

  You will also have to reset all the other configuration CVs and speed adjustments.

To reset:

CV 49 = 128

CV 50 = 255

CV 56 = 113

Good luck and let us know how it goes.  We are here if you need help.