How do a Revolution & a Titan decoder compare?


Hi Richard,

  Sorry to tell you but, it's time to convince the club to go with DCC.

  Seriously, speed matching in DC is much like, well, speed matching in DC.   You have to have both locomotives running about the same using Direct Current (no DCC decoder installed).   It's surprising how different two similar motors, even in identical locomotives, can vary.   The DCC speed matching with BEMF etc. only works in DCC.

  As far as the differences between the motor control in the Revolution vs. Titan:  Judging by what I saw in CV manager, they are pretty much the same for motor control.  There are the same number of BEMF settings, speed table settings, etc..

  That being said, it costs you nothing to play around with their settings and see if it has an effect on DC operation.


Richard Meyer

I have two identical HO Athearn RTR GP38-2. I installed a Revolution decoder in one of them about 3 years ago. The other one had a Titan-U decoder installed last week. Not only to I want to consist them on my DCC layout but I would like to be able to run them together on the clubs DC layout. I have noticed that there is a big difference in the default BEMF settings between the two decoders. There is also a big difference in their operational speed. Before I try to speed match them I would like to know:

  1. How different is a Revolution and a Titan in their settings and how they work?
  2. How do the DCC settings (such as Vstart, speed tables, BEMF, etc.) affect DC operation?

Any other words of wisdom would be appreciated.