CV manager won't work thru Quantun Programmer but not NCE

adam starr

Just got a new lap top with windows 10.  I thought I down loaded the drivers needed from the QSI site but cannot get CV manager to work through my NCE system.  If it works thru Quantum Programmer, the drivers must be OK right?  Any suggetions?  I selected NCE as the device (choice between NCE and QP) . 

 I had used CV manager all the time thru my old lap top with windows 7.

adam starr

That should read WILL work with Quantum Programmer but not with NCE


Perhaps you have the wrong comm port selected.

In QuantumCVManager click on the menu item "Command Station | Command Station Options | NCE Powerhouse Options...".
In the NCE Powerhouse Options dialog, select the Comm Port.

Gerry Pruss

adam starr

I do not think it is the port number.  it is set at 4 and any other number tells me there is no command station so I believe number 4 is correct for the receptical on the computer I am using.  

It is also set at ASI II and  baud rate 9600,  although I have tried all possible combinations.  Any toher thoughts?  I reloaded CV manager just incase something went wrong with it.  Again, I can use CV manager with my Quantum programmer.