Question about T1

Lawrence E. Colacicco <gp305513@...>

Dear Group,


I received my T1 last week and brought it to our club layout to run. We have a Digitrax Chief and are using DT400 IR throttles.

I started out running the loco at the default address of “03” with no problems. I later programmed the loco in Ops mode to the 4 digit address of “5533” to coincide with the loco address. All was okay until the loco derailed the leading truck at a set of switch points.


We heard the accompanying “three beeps” and the then booster reset. There were two other locos on the layout that were running at the same time, obviously different addresses with no problem after reset. My T1 went dead. It would not respond to throttle input of any type. It would intermittently emit some sound but would shut down after a brief time.


I did the decoder reset by following the troubleshooting guide by removing the tender shell (this is really fun the first time) and removing the jumper and shutting off and turning on the power to the tracks as described.


The loco should have returned to factory defaults. It would not respond to the “03” address. I reprogrammed the “5533” address and it responded to this. But I am getting the “three beeps” intermittently as the loco travels over a switch.


Anyone have any suggestions as to what happened and what is causing the momentary short circuit?




Larry Colacicco