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Actualy Colin,

QSI has already thought about that, and I'm sure you'll love it.
I also agree that most all layouts are too loud.

If you stand next to the track, and close your eyes as a diesel locomotive
goes by, and you wait untill you can't hear the locomotive anymore, and then
open your eyes, you'll be suprised to find that you are only about 7 cars
passed the locomotive.

Loco Lee
On Mar 3, 2011 10:17 PM, "Colin Hussey" <cdhussey@...> wrote:


I am in total agreement with you on this. In fact I would say that its
actually one of the big turn offs of sound that I have as most have the
sounds far too high.

What I have seen at some layouts, is the sound of a loco 20 feet away is
almost as loud as one 2 feet away, when realistically the one 20 feet away
should not be heard, except perhaps by the driver who is following it around
the layout.

Looking purelly on the steam side of things, the sound of a locomotive
moving off with cylinder cocks open, the exhaust should not be heard, I
never heard the exhaust as a loco first started to move, when the cylinder
cocks were open, it was only as the regulator was opened to full that you
started to hear the exhaust, yet the sound on models is the reverse. The
same apples to the safety valves, as an engine blowing off in the distance
will be heard even when another one is passing nearby.

Someone raised the part about, speakers with sound. Having gone through
the video that Gerry Hopkins showed on Youtube, that Laurie Maclean set up
using the GE on Tsunami's with the adjustment of the exhaust sounds, through
various speakers, brought out just how able even the cheap non bass type
speakers can actually replicate the sounds of some classes of steam loco's
better than the high bass types. The GE adjustment is something that I would
love to see with the new QSI decoder as it would make obtaining much better
reolication of sounds available when you know what you are looking for, but
that primarilly will only work with the exhaust for steam.

Colin Hussey

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Revolution decoders


Glad to see someone finally mention that maybe sound locomotives are
typically run too loudly. Has anyone measured SPL's of running
locomotives on a large layout and come up with a recommended practice

John Fiscella

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