Re: P2K H10-44 - a different issue ... lighting

Dennis Lippert <denlippert@...>

On Oct 18, 2009, at 10:10 AM, wrote:

The reverse light can be dimmed on the Quantum Revolution hardware
because that hardware supports six 256 intensity level light outputs.

The fact that the reverse light cannot be dimmed on Q1 hardware
has nothing to do with "a state of mind for the QSI decoder
engineering team".

Really? They just found the hardware lying in the woods, and decided
to pick it up and use it?! I mean, seriously. If other manufacturers can
support dimmable lights on all 4-6 function outputs of a $15-20 decoder,
it was obviously a poor decision by your team to only use ONE dimmable
output on a $100 decoder.

I think it's based in a "steam mentality". QSI stuff debuted in steam locos.
You never really think of a steam loco running around the mainline
backwards. (Well, *I* do... because I'm familiar with helper ops...). But a
diesel switcher such as the H10-44, most certainly so! On diesels, there
is no reason for the F/R headlights to be treated any differently.

If you don't like the way the reverse light works on Q1 decoders,
upgrade to the Quantum Revolution.
I have a better idea..... if I need to spend $100 extra to "upgrade" the
decoder that I spent $100 extra for in the first place... I may as well
give the money to someone else...


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