Re: beating up a the dead(?) horse: CV21/CV22 (and EasyDCC)

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directly programming CV19 und use that address as a loco. Only then
CV21/CV22 of any
decoder including QSI's are become active.

A question. Is your EasyDC able to startup a consist of locos using
the CV19 address or do you have to start them first then the CV19
will control all CV21/22 functions. My Northcoast will not turn the
consist on from CV19, but like I said before will work once the
engines are turned on.
that was what I was going to test next (later tonight) in a "more
scientific way" so to speak ;o)
I just wanted to know my environment.
From the loose experiments I did before I *THINK NOW* I could *NOT* wake
them up using the Cv19 address. But back then I was also confused
were and when which functions were controlled, it didn't look right
for an advanced consist, well it looks like this is standard. Ok?!

Anyway, now I know how my station is operating with advanced consists.
That's the base for the more important Cv19 issue testing. IMHO. That's
next ...

a question to you: is your NCE system capable of operating F9 to F12?

a question to all: anybody able to trick the EasyDCC system to transmit
F9 to F12, maybe via (PC) software. DecoderPro?


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