Re: beating up a the dead(?) horse: CV21/CV22 (and EasyDCC)

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Subject: RE: [QSIndustries] beating up a the dead(?) horse: CV21/CV22
(and EasyDCC)

Your EasyDCC system is in fact working how it is supposed to (and how the NMRA standard is defined).
I didn't say otherwise! I posted the different ways one can do function control with
advanced consists, with or without support of the CV21/CV22.
These work in the QSI decoders and the same way as they work with all the other decoders
which do support CV21/CV22. And that is what the subject is about: CV21/CV22. Not about
consisting in general.
Whichs just means they (CV21/CV22 of the QSI decoders) work.
But there're only one way to make them (CV21/CV22) active with an EasyDCC station, and that
is *NOT* to use the station setup (SETUP Y) but to use more less the "Atlas Commander way"
of directly programming CV19 und use that address as a loco. Only then CV21/CV22 of any
decoder including QSI's are become active.

PS: and I will be a post at least one message, about the Cv19 bug in the QSI decoders.
but again, their CV21/22 work. Their Cv19 handling has a bug. which wasn't this post about.

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