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You might want to start reviewing past message (start with the Poll listed as Message 66 and then read thru the various related messages occurring thereafter)  I created that Poll in order to see just how many modelers would be interested in a surround sound system either in lieu of or in addition to mobile sound decoders.  Approx. 44% of the poll respondents indicated that they would use a surround sound system.   The failure of SoundTrax to market their SurroundSound system leaves an unfulfilled market opportunity wide open for an enterprising, aggressive, customer-friendly firm like QSI to move into and dominate! 
Please make your desires known to QSI in this regard.
Eric Berman
aka SPPalmdale

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From: psloma
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Subject: [QSIndustries] New to this group

    Hi.  I am new to this group.  Just heard about it last night at my model train club.  I heard a rumor that QSI might develop a surround sound system for model trains.  Is this true?  Can anyone enlighten me?
Patrick Sloma
Corvallis, Or

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