Re: beating up a the dead(?) horse: CV21/CV22 (and EasyDCC)

Gerry Hopkins <gerrymmr@...>

Jens Wulf wrote:

sorry, to get back to this (all quiet here on this), so I make
it short: I tried advanced consisting with my EasyDCC via
- method a) the station organizing the adv. consist and
- method b) the direct CV19 programming on the main
with following decoders:
- a pair of NCE DA-SR (version 3 EFX series decoder)
- a pair of DigiTrax DH163IP (FX3 series decoder)
- and a single TCS TH150DP decoder
(all these have CV21 and CV22)
and the result is: identical behavior and the same as with
the QSI/BLI GG1 decoders:
method a) only the lead loco reacts to function changes, ignoring
all CV21/CV22 settings
method b) all loco's in the (advanced) consist react to function
changes according to CV21/CV22 settings

Just a quick question. In method a) How are you setting up the consist?
A1 - Press [Setup] [Consist]
A2 - Press [Setup] [Y]

and when you call up the consist do you use the consist number or lead loco number?


Gerry Hopkins MMR

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