Re: beating up a the dead(?) horse: CV21/CV22 (and EasyDCC)


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sorry, to get back to this (all quiet here on this), so I make
it short: I tried advanced consisting with my EasyDCC via
- method a) the station organizing the adv. consist and
- method b) the direct CV19 programming on the main
with following decoders:
- a pair of NCE DA-SR (version 3 EFX series decoder)
- a pair of DigiTrax DH163IP (FX3 series decoder)
- and a single TCS TH150DP decoder
(all these have CV21 and CV22)
and the result is: identical behavior and the same as with
the QSI/BLI GG1 decoders:
method a) only the lead loco reacts to function changes, ignoring
     all CV21/CV22 settings
method b) all loco's in the (advanced) consist react to function
     changes according to CV21/CV22 settings

and Manfred in the Atlas forum pointed out that such problems
have NOT been reported by DigiTrax station (with current software)
users, UNLESS they had an old Chief which can only control F0f/r,
F1-F4 and "a little bit" F5-F8 as these are being sent as F9-F12
(okay, I do not have a DigiTrax system, so may have described this
wrong. But were are the DigiTrax users complaining? They don't, or?)

PS: I have not tested the CV19 "coma" issue. I have just powered
down all above mentioned decoders/locos and going to wake them
up (if they do) in about 24 hours.

Lets not confuse the QSI problem with other Advanced Consisting. Advanced consisting is commonly used thru out the hobby. I myself have 32 advanced consists, my club has many more and I operated at a friends house last week using Northcoast and advanced consisting. Using the same procedure with QSI decoders does not allow the trailing loco to stay in the consist. I have not tried more than 2 QSI's to see if 2 would work when there was a 3rd. Neither have I tried to advance consist to a non QSI loco. I think it is about time for QSI (BLI) to take 2 of their locomotives with their manual and try it. We need to know if we are doing something wrong, Our systems won't handle QSI, or their is a problem with the decoders. Advanced consisting is basic to DCC and we need to solve this problem.
Jerry S.

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