Re: beating up a the dead(?) horse: CV21/CV22 (and EasyDCC)

Jens Wulf <jens.wulf@...>

if my memory serves me, the DigiTrax FX3 decoders which do have
speed stabilization have two parameter sets for this: one for
consists (to avoid the hunting effect) and one for running alone.
And the only way the decoder knows it is consisted is when it is
advanced-consisted (because of CV19 not 0).
Now that's a policy(?) which makes my mind spin ....

--- Jeff Warner <> wrote:
Jens Wulf wrote:


But were are the DigiTrax users complaining? They don't, or?)
This is a bit of a guess, but Digitrax makes it more difficult to use

advanced consisting that "universal" (their term for stored in the
command station) consisting. I never even tried to advance consist
locos until the problems were posted to the list. Then I broke out
Digitrax Chief manual and it said (paraphrased) -- go read on-line
because we're not telling you here.

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