Re: DCC Power PAX

Jens Wulf <jens.wulf@...>

Dick, my IB cannot program the GG1 on the programming track
either (and I don't have a PowerPax, yet), but I could modify
all CV's including CV1, CV17, 18 and 29 via programming on
the main.
I know that doesn't solve your problem with the programming track
and CV1 and the PowerPax, but at least it should allow you to
change CV1. And since the engine has a verbal read-back mode
(unless disabled, see CV62), you get even feedback with this.
Note: address change requires eventually all 4 mentioned CV's,
and once you changed the address successfully, you have to change
the address of the loco you're programming on the main accordingly.
(btw., seems that muting via F8 also disables the CV verbal readout.)

PS: try also CV64 while you're using programming on the main.
it's cool. IMHO ;o)

--- Dick or Jean Pike <> wrote:

I received my Power Pax from Tony's today, and after carefully
hooking it up. I put my GG1 (who did not want to program with my
Uhlenbrock Intellibox) Some of you may have heard of it and some
not. Anyway all the CV's registered fine except CV1 (address change)
I don't know what I am doing wrong since I put it on the Programming
Track which is isolated from the rest of the layout and went to
Programming mode to CV1 and it said "Error" I then went to CV 3 and
put in 25, it was happy with that, then CV4 and again it was happy.
Why is it not accepting CV1. I can't get past address 3 dcc. This
of course is what the locomotive came to me with. The Uhelenbrock
will register up in the thousands normally. What the heck am I doing
wrong? Help.....!!! Dick Pike

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