Re: beating up a the dead(?) horse: CV21/CV22 (and EasyDCC)

Jeff Warner <jeff@...>

Jens Wulf wrote:


But were are the DigiTrax users complaining? They don't, or?)
This is a bit of a guess, but Digitrax makes it more difficult to use advanced consisting that "universal" (their term for stored in the command station) consisting. I never even tried to advance consist the locos until the problems were posted to the list. Then I broke out the Digitrax Chief manual and it said (paraphrased) -- go read on-line because we're not telling you here. I did read on-line and now know how to do it (all addresses must be status edited to support advanced consisting -- which is different depending on which throttle you use. Then the consist must be set up on a 2 digit address -- I currently use 4 digit consist addresses -- address of first loco). I really meant to go try this and see what happens...I just didn't get around to it (since the other way works so well).

Anyway, I suspect that's why Digitrax owners aren't complaining. I do know 2 Digitrax Chief owners who sent older Chief's back to GA for an upgrade to fix the F5-F8 mapped to F9-F12 problem...

Jeff Warner

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