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I got some feedback from the Quantum programmer today that leads me
to understand that you may have to press some of these command
requests twice to get them to work. It is something about the way
commands are organized into groups. Apparently some DCC controllers
need the first command just to transfer to the proper group
assignment setup. I'm sure I am saying this badly - but, anyway - DO
try requesting your function a second time if it seems to be
unsresponsive to your first request. -Pat Quinn

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Finally I got advanced consisting to work w/ my EasyDCC system
(short story: key sequence SETUP CONSIST will lead you into the
STD CONS menu and key sequence SETUP Y will lead you into the
ADV CONS menu. So far for preference ... and the just downloaded
manual 418 does not talk in favor of advanced consists. I have
version 416. So more EasyDCC versions in town.)

and, "yehaa", the problems as described before come to light.
(coma on loco which had been powered down does not react on
it's advanced consist address till addressed at least once
by it's primary 2/4 digit address)
And suddenly CV21 and CV22 became "inactive" ... i.e. no
function control on second loco of that (advanced) consist

Recall: if I setup the consist "manually" by programming CV19
bypassing the station and using that address on the throttle
directly, as I did yesterday, CV21 and CV22 work, and all loco's
in the consist respond to all functions as enabled in these CV's
(I could only test F0fwd/rev and F1-F8)

If however I use the EasyDCC to setup and control the advanced
consist, they don't work. Only the first loco responds to
functions. Huh?

Well, I did took a look at the LCD panel of my station, and
upon hitting the function keys, I see in the panel appearing
"loco NNNN functions", whereas NNNN was the 4 digit address
of the 1st unit in that advanced consist as setup on the
EasyDCC station.
This makes me believe that my EasyDCC system does not send
function packages to the (advanced) consist address but to
the 2/4 digit primary address of the 1st loco in that (advanced)
And such behavior is identical to EasyDCC standard consists.
(which are the same as for example Universal consists in
DigiTrax systems)
And which may explain why the 1st engine wakes up while the
2nd doesn't: it is receiving a function package to it's primary

btw., I found one more way to wake up the engine, and the same
way another probable bug: send a programming on the main packet
to it's primary address.
If the engine is in such a (adv.consist) coma, for example the
very first CV64 verbal CV read-back does nothing but wakes the
engine up, but no verbal CV readback occurs.
The second attempt (on now "awake" engine) the verbal CV readback
works. True coma? 2 stages wake-up?


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sorry if I mudded the water even more ... I could for the heck not
that problem other than the expected (EasyDCC based, i.e. functions
sent only to the standard consist address)

Maybe! I have been doing advanced consisting with Easy DCC since it
first came out and never had any problems. I have used mostly
Soundtraxx decoders but also have some of the other major brands.
Although I keep expecting someone to tell me I am doing something
stupid, I think the problem we are having is built in to the QSI
decoder or QSI CV procedure.
Jerry S.

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