DCC sound and O Scale 2 rail

Tom Lewis


Let me add my wishes for a large scale aftermarket DCC Sound
decoder which would also operate on a standard DC 2 rail

I can tell you from experience that there are many O scale 2
railers who would like to selectively put sound in their locos and
have a choice of running on DC or DCC. (perhaps club vs home)

There are also many O Scalers like myself who are on the brink
of going DCC. I bought Easy DCC for my 2 rail layout last year
but have been waiting for a better choice in decoders before
making the switch.

There is also a large group of three rail O guage/scale guys who
tell me the only thing that keeps them from moving to 2 rail O
Scale is loosing the cool sounding electronics. (many of them

Just my 2 cents worth. And Thanks.

Tom Lewis

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