Re: E7 A&B problem--answers?????

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sorry if I mudded the water even more ... I could for the heck not see
that problem other than the expected (EasyDCC based, i.e. functions
sent only to the standard consist address)
Maybe! I have been doing advanced consisting with Easy DCC since it first came
out and never had any problems. I have used mostly Soundtraxx decoders but also
have some of the other major brands. Although I keep expecting someone to tell
me I am doing something stupid, I think the problem we are having is built in
to the QSI decoder or QSI CV procedure.
ah, no, I do not agree. Lets if we talk about the same brand of apple's:
1st: what software version of the EasyDCC station do you use? (Mine: 416)
2nd: if you setup an consist, does the display show STD CONS(IST) or so,
or does it give hint which type consist (advanced vs. standard) it will
be setting up. (Mine says always STD, even in the 100-199 range)
3rd: when (after 2)) you let the engine read back it's CV19 (use programming
on the main, with the engine's original short or long address, and
"program" (CV-Write-Byte) CV64 with 19, does it read back the consist
number, or the consist number plus 128 (if reverse) (Mine always reads
back 0, see also 2))

and no, I have not seen any abnormalities on my GG1 regarding CV's and/or their
procedure. (but see above)
And CVP changed a lot with that latest release of the EasyDCC station (I think
416 is the latest release, for 4 digit anyway)


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