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Jens Wulf \(WRF\) <jens.wulf@...>

another quirk in the story. I finally tried to use consisting with
my EasyDCC and the (BLI) GG1, and found it remarkably difficult
to setup a advanced consist, as my EasyDCC station with software
version 416 only seemed to allow me to setup a standard consist.

Alright, I thought, so I did use a standard consist.
As others already mentioned, on an EasyDCC system functions are sent
to the standard consist address (which is supposed to be the lead loco,
but that's the users choice, it may not even exist at all, as in this
case I chose a non-existing address. I made however sure, that all
addresses in that consist were registered at the station as 128 speed
step decoder)
Thus, the GG1 not being at that standard consist address, I could not
control any functions, and as others noted already Cv21/22 have no
affect (the decoder does not even know it is in a consist)
besides that, I could control the loco without problems, even after
some experiments with shorts, power-loss and complete power cycle
of the system.
However, I could assign the GG1's loco address to another throttle,
which function buttons could then control the GG1's functions (F0 and
F1 to F8, EasyDCC does not have more, at least at the software version
416 I have). However, at that moment I lost speed control, probably
because effectively I had now 2 throttles assigned to the GG1 (one via
consist, the other direct). So I had to un-assign the GG1 address from
the throttle to regain speed control via consist.

so finally I programmed via programming on the main CV19 of said
GG1, and removed the standard consist I mentioned above, and assigned
a throttle to that address I put in CV19.
As long I had CV21/22 at 0 (factory default?), all was the same as
before, but once I changed the values of these CV's to have the function
control at consist address enabled, I could control the functions
and the speed.
I again played the game of shorts, power-failures and complete system
power cycle, and never lost control of the GG1 at that consist address
(and no control over F9 - F12 as expected)

thus it seems to be important which EasyDCC software version is in use,
and at least mine (416) does not do "voluntary" advanced consisting,
all are standard consists, as shown on the LCD of the station as well
as by reading back CV19 (via CV64 read-back on the main: C V ONE NINE

sorry if I mudded the water even more ... I could for the heck not see
that problem other than the expected (EasyDCC based, i.e. functions
sent only to the standard consist address)

I have another station as well (Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno IntelliBox),
and going to repeat the test cycle there as well.
But as well limited to F0 and F1 - F8, however, I can tell the station
to sent the functions to either the lead loco address or to all locos
in the consist, via "special options". More in about 24h ;)
(I think DigiTrax systems have similar setup options as well)


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However, I lost the beginning, was advanced consisting used on the affected
EasyDCC system(s)? And did the behavior changed when standard consisting is
I not sure this has been systematically tested and it should be. It has
been mentioned by Jerry (EasyDCC user);

"I have a large number of advanced consisted power and find it to be the
best way to go"

so we know he is using "advanced". We also know he has set CV21 and 22
correctly. He has followed the instructions in the "big" QSI/BLI manual!
He stated it work fine until he stop or reversed and then he lost control of
the second engine (the engines were M1s). He stated to get the second unit
going again he had to use F6 (sometimes this worked) or remove the tender
and reset the decoder. If F6 started the engine (sometimes) that means it
had to somehow have been shutdown with F9 (with EasyDCC doesn't have).
Another (h8fan) had reported this problem with E7s using NCE system but
he has never joined this discussion again. Don't know if his problem was
resolved or he's busy.


Jon Miller

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