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I'm experiencing a strange problem with my E6 since our last
session that I don't seem to be able to resolve.

About halve way though the session some errant had to run a turnout
there always one!) causing a short shutting the DCS100 down. When
operator of the E6 started his assignment some time after the
occurrence of
said short, he was unable to get any response out of the loco. What
was not
apparent right away due to the din of all the sound and talking in
the train
room, was that the engine just sat there and rhythmically (about
second) blew the brake valve constantly with the prime mover idling
in the
back ground. I retired it to the loco shed to have a look at it at
a later
time in peace and quiet.

Well I did do that and on setting it on the track and calling up
its address
12, the same condition prevailed in as much as it started with the
blow and
idle(as it should), but carried on with the blow off at 1 sec
intervals. So
I took the shell off removed the re-set jumper, applied power and
hear Fred
say "re-set", then still the rhythmical blow down?

Anyone out there got any bright ideas - or any suggestion for that
matter, I
would ever be so grateful if I don't have to return the unit to the

This is probably due to the decoder not detecting DCC properly at
The decoder decides it is in an Analog DC environment, is
unresponsive to DCC commands,
but misinterprets some of the DCC signals as Quantum Engineer
commands causing
the repeated long air letoffs.

This problem is known to occur in all version 6 (hoxxxfxx) firmware
built before 1-Oct-04.
Firmware built after 1-Oct-04 does not have this problem.

This problem has occurred using Digitrax and Roco controllers, but
has not
been reported for Lenz or NCE controllers.

For decoders which have this problem, the problem can be avoided by
Analog DC operation.

This is done by setting CV#29 bit 2 to 0 to disable Power Source

The factory default value for CV#29 is 6. Set CV#29 to 2 to disable
Power Source Conversion.

If you have changed CV#29 to use extended addressing, CV#29 may have
a value of 38.
In this case, set CV#29 to 34 to disable Power Source Conversion.

Gerry Pruss

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