Re: QSI DC usage_PFM Nostalgia

denlippert <denlippert@...>

--- "Jeff Golding" <trains@i...> wrote:
Yet we are forgetting that it is getting better,
I don't think it is. Five years ago, Soundtraxx made individual
sound systems for "1st gen EMD, 2nd gen EMD, Alco"... and everyone
longed for a GE. They were available with your choice of several
horns, to match your prototype. NOW, the sounded locos (I'm not
going to blame QSI specifically, because Pat has told us that "they
do what the OEM wants") are coming with prime mover sounds that DON'T
match the loco, and a single horn that's inappropriate in many
cases. That's NOT improvement, in my book!

I don't think we will ever see perfection in sound the biggest
factor in creating realistic sound is the speakers and lets face
it you have a limited amount of space inside and HO scale model.
True... but it doesn't matter what sort of speaker system you use,
the best way to get a Rolling Stones song to sound right is to NOT
start out with a tape of the Beatles....


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