Re: Four digit address

denlippert <denlippert@...>

--- Jeff Warner <jeffrywarner@s...> wrote:
then MANUALLY update CV29 to the proper value instead of
pressing "Y" when prompted whether or not to use it. For some
reason, the QSI decoders seem to like this better than just
pressing "Y".

On the NCE-DCC list, we're surmised that the BLI chip can't (or
won't!) accept the new CV29 value WHILE IT IS SPEAKING the new value
for CV17/18.... which is why we end up having to change CV29
manually afterward.

These things can be tricky. A friend brought over three QSI locos to
our open house on Sunday. He'd tried (unsuccessfully) to program one
of them a bunch of times... with three different folks helping him!
(We got 'em done, BTW!)


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