Re: Four digit address

Jeff Warner <jeffrywarner@...>


First, make sure you're in page mode (PG on DT400) for using the programming track.

One thing you can try that I've found... When programming with the DT400, program the 4 digit address, then MANUALLY update CV29 to the proper value instead of pressing "Y" when prompted whether or not to use it. For some reason, the QSI decoders seem to like this better than just pressing "Y".

In ops mode, did you follow the instructions in the BLI manual? You do NOT directly program the long address on these locos. There's a secondary CV that you update.

Jeff Warner wrote:

I have tried to no avail to set BLI engines to four digit addresses. I have an updated Chief and an DT400 and have tried programming on the programming track and also ops mode on the main with no success. any one have any suggestions?. The engines, as they are programmed, accept the address, but as soon as I try to set the four digit address, they revert back to the previous two digit address. Regards Bill Teeters

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