QSI Revolution -U decoder corrupt firmware

Alex Stanojevic

Hello all,
I had a mishap while attempting to change horn type in mu P2K GP30 diesel equipped with QSI Revolution-U decoder.

Decoder was running sound file 1100-1000V8-9-8.q2. I attempted to upload 1100 400V8.3.0.q2 file with Leslie S5-T horn.

I was using Quantum Upgrade software on a win10 professional PC. In the process of uploading something unusual happened. A window indicating progress of upload disappeared from the screen shortly after the process started. Quantum Programmer continued to blink green. After a while I decided to reset Quantum Programmer. Previously I checked for compatibility and it was given a pass. 

Once I got the programmer running again, system could not recognize the decoder. It would stop at 40% stating Invalid MFG ID 0.

Is there a quick way to refresh decoder firmware. Using reset to factory default did not work. Otherwise I will have to send it back to Kelly Dorf.

Thanks in advance,


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