Re: Base for programming Q1a chips

Alex Stanojevic


You may want to test compatibility of the selected file.

You would have to detect the existing sound file using QSI programmer and Q1a program, and then load the new file from the computer. Now you can compare and test compatibility.

My understanding is that some older decoders had different physical design and are not compatible with newer Q1a OEM decoders.



On Sep 5, 2021, at 11:19, Tom in Texas via <texpearson@...> wrote:

I friend would like me to program and send him some Q1a chips with different horns for his Intermountain F7’s 

I have some P2k and BLI engines with QSI decoders and wondered if I could use one of these to “hold” the chip while I program it

Tom in Texas 

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