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Kelzenberg, David C

I’m not an expert on train horn makes and models, but this confuses me.  Not sure what a “D# dominant” is  (D# minor is D#-F#-A#, the “dominant” of that minor chord would be an A# major chord, A#-Cx-E#.  Sorry, 10 years of college music theory.)  I can’t tell you what would be appropriate for your Canadian horn, but I heard hundreds of three-chime horns back in the 50s and 60s (as well as the single note “honks” that were very common but mostly disappeared long ago) and in those days they were always a major chord in first inversion, like D-F-Bb, a much prettier sound than the D# minor triad.


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Thank you TCC,


So its a three chime D# minor dominant. I will try playing K3H, M3H and S3K sound files and compare with Youtube video recordings of Ontario Northland.





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As these are Canadian units, they will have the Canadian D# minor chord.  Quite harsh and not a US sound at all.
From looking at pics it appears to be a Holden (Nathan) K3HR.  Maybe Dan can offer a number with that horn rather than the US chord.

For Nathan/Airchime ya want  either a M3H or K3H but not the K3HA.  The later is a weird US thing.
For Leslie ya want an S3K.


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