Re: QSI Q1a Ontario Northland horn

Alex Stanojevic

Thank you TCC,

So its a three chime D# minor dominant. I will try playing K3H, M3H and S3K sound files and compare with Youtube video recordings of Ontario Northland.



On Aug 25, 2021, at 17:39, Talmadge C 'TC' Carr <group_list@...> wrote:


As these are Canadian units, they will have the Canadian D# minor chord.  Quite harsh and not a US sound at all.
From looking at pics it appears to be a Holden (Nathan) K3HR.  Maybe Dan can offer a number with that horn rather than the US chord.

For Nathan/Airchime ya want  either a M3H or K3H but not the K3HA.  The later is a weird US thing.
For Leslie ya want an S3K.


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