Re: Contacting QSI


Funny that you mentioned this.  I have my membership to this group configured for "no emails, special notices only".  I always read the group using the web interface, and not receive group's emails.  However yesterday, I received Kelly's email in email Inbox.  I was very surprised.  And yes, that email contained complete (not partially hidden) QSI email address.

The subject line read: "[Special] [QSIndustries] Contacting QSI", so that implies that Kelly sent that out as a "Special Notice".  I think he has to be a group owner or a moderator to be able to do that.

The QSIndustries email address he provided is qsindustries224 AT gmail DOT com


On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 07:54 PM, Paul B/Indy wrote:
Interestingly, it did not chop it off my version of his message.  He is on gmail.
Paul B/Indy

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