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Since mid-80s I belong to the Northeast NTRAK club (in the New England part of the country - MA, NH, ME mostly).

Dave,  thanks for the detailed info about Josh. I didn't have the facts perfectly accurate, but the it seems that someone (Josh?) was a lot of the marketing and sound development, and after he left, things seemed to go dormant.  QSI decoders were at some point as popular as other sound decoders at the time.  Even manufacturers (like BLI and Walthers) used them in their models.  Online vendors (like Tony's Trains and others) had the QSI decoders in stock, just like they stocked other brands of  decoders.

Dave, and Al: while whatever remains of QSI is still in business, your posts just confirmed that at the current level or marketing the QSI decoders they will never got widely accepted.  Dealing directly with a one-man-operation, and getting all the support (including only old sound files) does not look promising as far as QSI becoming widely accepted. Then there is the problem with coreless motors.  When was the firmware updated, are new sound files produced?  Where is the website and social media presence?  All those things are pretty much required to be successful nowadays.  I recall recent posts here from Greg E. stating that he is trying to work with Josh behind the scenes, but we don't what will the outcome be.

We need to look the truth in the eye. Unless some new life is injected into the QSI product, they will stay a very narrow niche in the DCC sound decoders world.  Still, I like them, and will use them in some of my installs, but I don't expect other modelers jump onto the QSI bandwagon.


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