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Since this thread is now on "decoders". And your comments are on BLI as well as QSI. I will say this. From what I can tell, and makes sense. Is just what Dave alluded to. That BLI wanted to cheapen the decoder. Apparently QSI charged them too much. ?? And BLI thought they could do "just as well". And as we all know, they didn't. In fact, BLI has finally gotten to P 4. And I expect them to be at a P5 within a year. What do they think we are? Rich? I already have 4 P2. When I got the P3, I thought it was supposed to be better. And we find out, it still has bugs. In the forums that are not specifically BLI, there are a lot of people upset with them. For locos costing $400, you'd expect a better decoder. I am satisfied enough with mine, but as you said - you can't get the headlight to stay on whether forward or backward. Proto PRR had the headlight on all the time. And with all my BLI PRR steam, I can't do that. Very poor choice by BLI. Especially when they had the PRRTHS support when they produced the first I1 Decapod. I was part of the few that reviewed DeGolyer's library to research the Decapods for details. So that BLI could produce a great I1. And then, they had the P2 which could be better. Maybe this P4 is better. But I am not about to buy any more locos. So I'll never know. And as we on this forum agree, QSI is a great decoder. Sure wish it were smaller for N scale, even though I'm HO. I would think a nice one for a diesel switcher/obviously small with a speaker, would be a great seller.
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