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Dave Hastings

PS you can purchase the decoders direct from QSI. Kelly Dorf is a very nice person.

Dave Hastings

On Friday, August 13, 2021, 02:14:03 PM EDT, Dave Hastings <> wrote:

From wiki :The current status of QSIS is unknown at this time.

The QSIS website is still partially functional, but some sound files are missing things such as instruction manuals, etc. You can go to the forum and get files and software there.

 Josh was never an employee of QSI, He was employed by Tony's Trains. In 2013 he became the owner of QSI Solutions when Tony diversified, which was the previous owner under the AHD? line of his products. He was the manager there. There is almost nothing left of his web site, he does not maintain it, and you need to check on this group if you need any sound files. Litchfield Station has Q1 upgrade chips and they will put whatever sound file you need that they have. He has a facebook presence , but he has not posted on it since mid 2020,it appears he is into music, and there is nothing about QSI or QSI solutions on there. He has an Instagram account, but I don't, so I cannot tell you anything about that. Personally I think he lost interest and moved on. 

Dave Hastings

On Friday, August 13, 2021, 01:00:41 PM EDT, peteski7 via <> wrote:

"hate" is a strong word.  I said that I dislike DIgitrax products.  I reserve "hate" for other situations.  I dislike it because it to me seems awkwardly designed, implemented, and it's difficult to use.  Sure, you can get used to it (like you can get used to spending time in prison), but I still don't have to like it, or choose to use it myself.  But like I mentioned earlier, their latest throttles (including the Zephyr system) have dramatically improved user interfaces. They now actually use plain English language (not some cryptic abbreviations) on their display to guide you through the settings.

I also can't say that I know any QSI-haters.  If anything, many modelers don't think QSI is a viable company (which to me seems not far from the truth).  Not like you can visit any online dealer and purchase QSI decoders (like you can with Digitrax, ESU, ZIMO, TCS, ESU, Soundtraxx, and others).  They are just not available at the retail level.  How can anybody hate something that is not easily available for purchases?

My first encounter with QSI (when I also fell in love with it). was factory installed decoder in Walthers N scale 2-8-8-2 Mallet. What really, really impressed me was how well the chuffs were synchronized with the drivers, without using a cam. I could press down on a running model to slow it down, and the chuffs would stay in sync!  I could even press on it hard enough (with the throttle still set for running) to stall the drivers, and the chuffs would stop!!  How  very cool was that?  That's back when other  sound decoder manufacturers had nothing like that available.  Then after downloading the phone-book-size manual I was even more awed at all the features of that decoder.  Then I heard it speak various parameters in a human voice, you could have knocked me over with a feather!  That was back about 15 years ago, and I think QSI si still the only decoder that can speak!

Even after 15 years (and without any major firmware updates) QSI sound decoders are still some of the top decoders out there. The stereo Titans are also unmatched. I think there is another manufacturer (Soundtraxx maybe) who recently announced the stereo feature. Well, QSI had that for years. The only problem I heard of is that the QSI decoders don't play nice with coreless motors which are gaining popularity in model locos.

One think that is killing me is that I model in N scale, and QSI never produced a small decoder which would fit into more N scale models. (I can only shoe-horn the Revolution decoders in some of the steam loco tenders).  QSI had plans for smaller N scale decoders, but Josh (back when he was still part of the company) told me that they would need to develop a smaller physical size chip for that decoder. That development was supposed to be funded by one of the N scale brass model manufacturers, but I guess that fell through because no small decoder was ever produced.  If QSI ever gets their act together and makes smaller sound decoders, I'll be the first in line to get them.  Not holding my breath though  . . .

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OK. You are right. This case is closed. A final note. I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of people hate QSI. Probably just as many that hate Digitrax.  And both groups can do 1 of 2 things. Keep what they got and work around any problems. Or get rid of what they hate and spend a lot more money buying something they think is better.
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