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Dave Hastings

That's what I said to John. I know BLI went their separate way from QSI, It was more for economy for them to do their own decoders. Remember the Blue Line, they sorta sucked but it was their own sound.

Dave Hastings

On Friday, August 13, 2021, 11:16:50 AM EDT, Leonard Stern via <> wrote:

TO: Dave and others; I have been reading these posts and wish to clear up some understandings.

When Broadway LTD introduced sound some many years ago they used QSI decoders version 1 to 7 . BLI for economy or other reasons introduced their own priority decoders and called then Paragon 2, then 3,then 4 .

These decoders are not produced by QSI and have completely different manuals that QSI decoders use.


The discussion recently has really got off the rails.


For non-believers, I suggest you call Broadway and get the info from them. They will confirm what I stated in the paragraph above.


Thank you for reading this Email.


Leonard Stern

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