Re: Decoders


Well Morgan,
Um, if you did try using the SPROG (or any other brand DCC system) to test the F1, you would have quickly discovered that the decoder was functioning properly. As I mentioned, those who understand how DCC works, know that whether a Function is latching or non-latching is a function of the DCC system, not the decoder. That is an indisputable fact we tried to convince you about.

I own few of  BLI N scale locos with Paragon decoders, and even a quick glance at their functionality I can tell that they have absolutely no relation to QSI design.  Paragon are fairly simplistic decoders, with limited configuration capability. Even simple functions like the headlight, cannot be configured to operate in a realistic manner. But this is not the forum for that discussion.



On Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 12:18 PM, PennsyNut wrote:
And if it hadn't been for Nick Kulp's solution, I and the rest of us - would never have solved this - looking only at SPROG and JMRI.

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