Re: Decoders


Thanks Leonard. I thought I was clearer than you think. And yes, you are totally correct. However. When anyone contacts BLI about those old QSI decoders as used in the PRR PCM L1sa Decapod, BLI responds that they have nothing to do with them anymore and they will not give you/or me any pertinent info. The ONLY source for QSI is this forum. And as you've noticed, my original problem was not diagnosed as a Digitrax bug until the last few days. I admit I didn't contact Digitrax about this, thinking it was a decoder problem. And for that I apologize. In my defense, when we think back upon it. If I had contacted Digitrax, do you honestly think they would admit to it being their bug? Somehow, I doubt. And if it hadn't been for Nick Kulp's solution, I and the rest of us - would never have solved this - looking only at SPROG and JMRI.
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