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Please accept that nothing is further from my mind than to confuse you other than illustrate that latching or momentary function keys are solely a function of the throttle, hence my statement that this is only available on some throttles, but not on the ones in your arsenal.


I was simply trying to explain the reason for QSI’s statement, which was only meant for NCE users, you and I who have DIGITRAX are not addressed by that.


But now I’m confused after reading the replies from Marcus. Morgan, I thought you started this thread because you have a problem with a BLI loco that is fitted an QSI decoder where when pressing F2 the whistle  stays on till you press F2 again. If that is correct then why is Marcus talking about Paragon which is an entirely different animal. The OEM QSI are Quantum Q1 or Q2?



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John: Now you have me totally confused - again! I do not have a UT402. So that is immaterial.  You mention f3. That is also immaterial. That is a "coupler" sound. And you state that all your QSI f2 are non latching. But mine is latching! THAT IS THE PROBLEM.
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John Burkhardt
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Where the sun always shines
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