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Marcus Ammann

Hi Morgan


Are you saying that when you press Button “2” on your Digitax system, the Horn/Whistle “blows” then when you release Button “2”, the Horn/Whistle stop.

That is Button “2” is NON LATCHING.

On ALL of you sound locos, EXCEPT the QSI.

Is this correct?


This is NOT how my any of my 50 or so sound locos including my QSI work.

I have NCE and as peteski has already suggested, NCE has a dedicated Horn/Whistle Button that is configured as NON Latching, where as when I use Button “2” the Horn/Whistle blows until I press button “2”, AGAIN.


I think the Lenz system allows you to configure the keypad numbers as Latching or NON Latching and that is done in the Command Station not the decoder.


I hope this helps.





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On Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 10:27 PM, peteski7 wrote:

"xxx, the F2 ("2" on the numeric keypad) is configured as a non-latching function. But maybe those systms can be configured for F2 button to be latching - I don't know. xxx"

And that's the real problem. QSI configured f2 to be latching somehow bypassing the "standard" that all command stations have f2 as non-latching. And it would be stupid to configure the command station just for one loco/QSI. And then, all others might wind up latching? Or whatever. This is way over my head and is why I write these questions in this forum. Rather than elsewhere. IMHO when one questions in Digitrax or JMRI forums, you are shooting blind/Hit or Miss and can only be hopeful to find someone that is knowledgeable with QSI. That's why this forum is where I go for QSI. I guess I'm lucky it isn't a LokSound/ESU decoder. Those are a lot more complicated than QSI. So at this point, I thank you all for everything and I'll quit asking on this particular thread. Next question will be a new thread.
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