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On Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 10:27 PM, peteski7 wrote:
"xxx, the F2 ("2" on the numeric keypad) is configured as a non-latching function. But maybe those systms can be configured for F2 button to be latching - I don't know. xxx"
And that's the real problem. QSI configured f2 to be latching somehow bypassing the "standard" that all command stations have f2 as non-latching. And it would be stupid to configure the command station just for one loco/QSI. And then, all others might wind up latching? Or whatever. This is way over my head and is why I write these questions in this forum. Rather than elsewhere. IMHO when one questions in Digitrax or JMRI forums, you are shooting blind/Hit or Miss and can only be hopeful to find someone that is knowledgeable with QSI. That's why this forum is where I go for QSI. I guess I'm lucky it isn't a LokSound/ESU decoder. Those are a lot more complicated than QSI. So at this point, I thank you all for everything and I'll quit asking on this particular thread. Next question will be a new thread.
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