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Peteski: Sorry to bring up this again. But: f2 for the whistle is a problem I need resolved. Was it you? that mentioned that f2 is non-latching. Not so with QSI.

I had asked about different buttons for f2 and "horn". I know horn is diesel and whistle is steam. I only have steam. Please read this from the manual. It specifically states that when f2 is pressed, it is latched. And I don't have a horn button/whatever that means? I don't have a diesel. That indicates that the "horn" is non-latched. So, I'm back to my problem. It's only my QSI loco that f2 is latched. All other locos f2 is non-latched. Is there any way to correct that? With it latched, it's darn near impossible to blow a short whistle sound. The finger can only work so fast. Just not fast enough. LOL So can someone help me out with this? It is a very frustrating thing with QSI - that don't act like other locos. I always thought that f2 was non-latched, but apparently QSI is backwards.
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