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To all: I want to thank you ALL! What I've learned in this forum is: Reading the manual is more easily understood with some help from y'all. Most of what y'all have been telling me is now getting clearer as I find it in the manual. Just for a little background: I started with a Digitrax non-sound decoder. With the Zephyr, was able to work CV's 2,3,4,5,6. I then purchased a Bachmann with a non-sound decoder. Mistake. Couldn't program it. Digitrax told me to use a resistor to do so. Duh! So I bought the SPROG and hooked up PC and JMRI. Found two different decoders for this Bachmann. One was 2f and one was 4f. With 2f, couldn't change speed. Switched to 4f and was able to change max and mid speeds. That was as far as I went. Then, I bought a Bachmann with sound. Again a cheap one. Had a bunch of trouble getting CV's to work. Finally wound up using the speed table and that problem was solved. In the meantime, I had a4 BLI locos with Paragon 2 and 1 with P 3. So, with JMRI, I started working CV's on those. For the most part, was successful in doing so. Programming speed and sound, volume, etc. I stopped there. Then, came the old QSI. That wouldn't program either, similar to Bachmann. Had to use a resistor. So now I'm able to work with the QSI. Hence all these questions since January. I am 82 yrs old and have no energy, fatigue settles in rapidly. So I can only work on the layout for short periods. I hope this all explains why I'm a pest. And is why I'm so thankful for the help.
Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPROGIIv4, JMRI 4.24, Pennsy modeler 1952

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