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Marcus: I understand exactly what you outlined to get speed in MPH verbally. I do have a question raised by you. You said CV62 should be 00 when I want verbal in POM. But CV64 should be 01? As I understand this, CV64 at 00 is off. And 01 turns it on POM. I guess I just don't understand a "verbal acknowledgement" is for. K.I.S.S. If I turn verbal on POM with CV64=01; does that do what I want? Leaving CV62=00. ?? So that I can then using UT4D, be able to get the verbal speed in MPH by pressing f10 as you described above. I am ready to try this. And to be honest, if this all works, I will stop asking about it. Promise! I do see how to change a function key as you described and that makes perfect sense. So, when I want to, can change f5 to Status Report MPH. If I remember correctly, the "Dynamic Brake" has no use in a steam engine. So, f5 is useless now, and would be a good choice for S.R.MPH. Is this now correct?
Morgan F Bilbo, DCS50, UT4D, UR93, SPROGIIv4, JMRI 4.24, Pennsy modeler 1952

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